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Toilet seat sensor to track down health problem

The researcher team from the University of Rochester recently discovered the cardiovascular health monitor that is installed at homes toilet seat which detects blood pressure, stroke volume, and peripheral blood oxygenation.

New York researchers have given their credence after eight weeks of examination and successful demonstration. The report has been published in JMIR publication.

The prior thorough comparative studies on the toilet seat system and human system were done at Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester Medical Center. The sample data of diastolic and systolic blood pressure is collected from 11 and 12 healthy adults respectively.

The researcher collected the medical normative results compared to the gold standard. The stroke volume was validated on 38 subjects and 111 who were undergoing an echocardiogram, and blood oxygenation confirmed on 11 healthy subjects.

After corroborated results noted from the laboratory and clinics, it is absolutely necessary to conduct prior analysis by running a similar test in patient’s homes.

According to the researchers and examiners, the most intriguing part of the toilet seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system is that it is completely self-reliant, wireless and battery-powered. Also, it is self-cleanable with all sensors and electronics installed inside of the seat. It is capable of measuring Electrocardiogram (ECG), Photoplethysmogram (PPG), and the ballistocardiogram (BCG).

The researchers claim that the toilet seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system is an absolute progressive approach in the medical health facility. It generates affirmative accurate reports in-home, which was not possible in past.

In the technical world today, we have the availability of every technical assistant from in-home fall detectors to bathroom hygiene assistants; the developers are fixated on adding smart health sensors at home to make our life much easier and under check.

The developers have claimed this device to be a quite revolutionary. As it would not only keep the patients out of the hospital but also it keeps the health in check while it generates reports.

According to the researcher, this system has the potential to address many of the challenges that can monitor health and keep a check on patients’ daily routine at home. Besides providing the knowledge of bypassing barriers, it can also figure the comprehensive and accurate clinical measurement. Built in with the latest technology, the successful development, deployment, and integration with clinical practice, this device is an innovative approach towards health care.

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